Other Yoga Teachers


I’m Joolee and I love yoga! It’s my favorite thing to do, and also to talk about! All styles are my friends, but I especially like to teach restorative and Acro (funny, since they lie at opposite ends of the colorful rainbow that is the yoga spectrum). First certified to teach in 2011, I became a Sampoorna teacher in 2013, and added Acro Yoga to my repertoire in 2018 (I’d been teaching it in Antarctica for a few years prior, so thought it might be beneficial to be official . So looking forward to sharing space and time and yoga with you!

Kimberly Trezise

Greetings! My name is Kimberly Trezise and I am excited to be part of the yoga community started in Luquillo by Jennifer Forshee!! I am a retired teacher of 35 years and I informally began practicing with Jennifer about 5 years ago and continued to practice while living in Phx, Az. I have recently become a certified Yoga Instructor in the following areas: Restorative , Ayurveda and with Hatha Yoga serving as the foundation of my training. However, my teaching & practicing lean more towards the Vinyasa Flow. I also love incorporating the philosophy and mythology of yoga as part of my practice!

Marissa Chavez

I completed my 200 hour training in a more spiritually orientated yoga discipline at Nature Yoga Sanctuary in the spring of 2017. Yoga means so many things to me and continues developing with my life in many ways. The core values grown from it are love, connection, and community. For the past 4 years I have been teaching a combination of hatha, vinyasa, yin, gentle, and more recently practicing developing and teaching bhakti and kundalini. My personal path has also led me to a whole food plant based lifestyle for the past 2 years and cultivated a deeper interest in an ayurvedic diet and hygiene.

Aditya Guthey

Aditya Guthey, born and brought up in India, practiced yoga as a kid. After a lapse of many years, he resumed practicing yoga for the past five years. In Jan 2020, he completed a 500-hour intensive “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training” certification from “Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala,” and has been teaching it ever since. A recovering right brained analytical engineer with over a decade of experience in corporate America, Aditya is a CPC, ELI-MP certified life and career coach who uses yoga to help analytical people move from head to heart and body.